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About Franklin Global Solutions

We provide outsourcing solutions to the US real estate industry. Headquartered in Newyork, US. we have two offices in Newyork and Baltimore to provide high quality services that are cost effective. With our vast domain expertise, we assist our clients to become more efficient by having improved turn times, quality and variable cost.

Our Vision

To be the "most preferred" among the outsourcing service providers for the US real estate industry by providing best in class efficiency, price, turnaround time and quality.

Our History

From founding in 2017 at Newyork to setting up our second unit in 2018 at Baltimore to expanding our client base and service offerings, we have been growing from strength to strength and has been one of the fastest growing service providers in the Title and Settlement Industry.

Our Values

We put client’s interest first and do what is right than what is convenient for us. That’s why we are not just a vendor but a partner who wants to achieve growth by helping our clients grow.

Why Choose Us

Our domain expertise, experience gained from serving largest title insurance underwriter in the US, 6+ years of track record, hands on experience in managing the most complicated files, cost effectiveness are some of the things that sets us apart from our competitors.

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Our service portfolio includes both Residential and Commercial segments. We provide solutions ranging from data entry till end-to-end process management. We serve Originators, Lenders, Brokers, REIT’s, Title Companies, Mortgage Firms and Notaries.

Searching the title plant for taxes, property index & general Index and examining the documents for chain of title and encumbrances to prepare final report in client specified production system.

Title search confined to the present title holder / current & previous title holders / Full statutory period of the subject property.

This report will include property address and location information, full legal description as per the deed, vesting information and the tax status.

This report will include property address and location information, full legal description as per the deed, vesting information and the tax status.

This report will list all the active liens on the said subject property and the unreleased judgments on an individual.

An Update or date-down shows newly recorded information from prior search effective date to the current effective date and taxes are updated with present tax findings.

TSG is a title guarantee issued at the start of foreclosure. The report contains current owner of record vesting, judgments, liens and encumbrances, priority of foreclosing mortgage, bankruptcy case information, property tax information, parties required by law to be notified of foreclosure, property address verification, and newspaper entities for publication.

We perform all possible frequency (Even, Odd and annual) searches to make sure that there is no double sale on the property. We also perform Bankruptcy and Military search to prepare our reports.

A detailed search report with information on current ownership, legal description, any existing liens or unpaid taxes, any easements, and other covenants, conditions, or restrictions.

Preparation of commitment or preliminary report by capturing the data from the search package into the title production system.

We interpret, retrace complex legal descriptions, metes and bounds descriptions and plot them on the assessor maps or plats using AutoCAD or ArcGIS and related software’s.

A radius map depicts the property that is the subject and all land within a designated radius of the subject property.

Hyper linking the plotted map and the easement documents, which are listed in the exceptions, with the preliminary report.

With the given property ID, calculating the square foot and acreage information for undefined property boundaries.

Identifying and verifying the property boundaries by comparing the legal description of the document with the assessor map.

This report is prepared in accordance with the lender’s closing requirements, by compiling and gathering various fees that are associated with the financing of a property.

Ensuring the closing package meets the quality requisites defined by the client. Also all the documents are stacked as per the client requirement.

Upon receiving authorization from the borrower, requesting payoff from the financial institutions and tracking till the lien is cleared.

Contacting and scheduling notary closings as per the special instructions given by the customers and ensuring the signing takes place as per schedule. Also, following up with the signing agent for the closing package.

Abstract key information such as dates, financial and non-financial information from a lease agreements to a client specified formats. Any information could be abstracted from those legal documents depending upon the requirement of the client.

Updating client about activities on key dates, abstracting and maintaining the portfolio database. Preparation of various reports, e.g. rent roll, stacking plan, estoppels, etc., and reconciliation of records.

Researching the current Tax information of the property through online / calling the tax office and preparing the report which includes delinquent and exemptions if any.

24/7 customer support services to the Title Officers, Real Estate Agents, Brokers providing information related to property.

Indexing / capturing data from property related documents for title plant building and maintenance.


We provide excellent opportunities to individuals for shaping their careers and realizing their full potential. We have a conducive work environment that encourages interpersonal skills as much as efficiency and having fun as much as learning.

Why work with us

To be the "most preferred" among the outsourcing service providers for the US real estate industry by providing best in class efficiency, price, turnaround time and quality.


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